Human Nutrition

Human nutrition is naturally interdisciplinary, intersecting with multiple disciplines such as biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, psychology, community and public health, plus so much more. The HESC MS Concentration in Human Nutrition focuses on greater depth in the fundamentals of nutritional biochemistry and metabolism, and developing skills in interpreting and critiquing nutrition research and claims. For those seeking to become a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), this program does not provide any supervised practice experience.


NUTR 5113: Advanced Nutrition

NUTR 5223: Nutrition during the Life Cycle

CHEM 5813 Biochemistry I 

CHEM 5843 Biochemistry II

Other courses are available to fill these requirements. An advisor will recommend the best courses to meet your professional goals and degree requirements.

Graduate-level Statistics Courses (3 hours required): 

EDFD 6403: Education Statistics & Data Processing

ESRM 5393: Statistics in Education & Health Professions

ESRM 6403: Educational Statistics & Data Processing

AGST 5023: Principles of Experimentation*

PLSC 5913: Research Methods in Political Science

*offered online

Research Methods Courses (3 hours required):

HESC 5463/AGED 5463 Research Methodology in Social Sciences

Online courses are offered periodically for flexibility in degree completion.

Thesis Track:

  • 30 hours total
  • 12 hours core courses
  • 3 hours statistics
  • 3 hours research methods
  • 6 hours elective
  • 6 hours thesis & defense to pass program

Non-Thesis Track:

  • 30 hours
  • 12 hours core classes
  • 3 hours statistics
  • 3 hours research methods
  • 12 hours elective
  • Oral and written exam to pass program

Program Contact:

Sabrina Trudo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, NUTR

Amanda Terrell, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator

Program at a Glance

On campus

2-3 year program completion, depending on student pace

GRE optional

Students can enroll in fall or spring

A cumulative GPA of 2.85 or higher for graduation

Non-thesis option is not available to students on assistantship

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