Janis Hawkins Shipley Early Childhood Lecture and Workshop

Child playing with blocks

Register now for the 2024 Janis Hawkins Shipley Early Childhood Mini-Conference, April 6, 2024.

At its core, this gathering aims to inspire creativity and innovation in the field of early childhood education. Structured as a mini-conference, our event promises attendees a deep dive into the realms of self-evaluation and the effective utilization of educational spaces. Through engaging presentations, interactive sessions, and hands-on experiences, our goal is to kindle the flame of imagination, encouraging educators to reconsider and reimagine their learning spaces.

Furthermore, the Shipley Mini-Conference offers an exceptional opportunity for networking and forging valuable professional connections. We recognize the pivotal role that collaboration and partnerships play in the realm of education. By bringing together educators, researchers, and professionals from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, we aspire to foster meaningful connections that may evolve into future collaborations. These partnerships hold the promise of mutually beneficial exchanges of best practices and insights.


Event Details:

  • Mini-Conference includes:
    • Morning and afternoon sessions
    • Break-out sessions
    • Interactive workshop experience
    • Self-guided tour of the center
  • Speakers: Jean Tyson Child Development Study Center teaching staff
  • Cost: $75 per participant, lunch included
  • Opportunity to earn 8 hours PDR credit









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