Undergraduate Programs

Why choose a major in the School of Human Environmental Sciences?

The School mission is to inspire people and organizations to reach their full potential through delivery of innovative research, education, and service focused on individuals, families and their environments. Our six undergraduate majors and five undergraduate minors  will prepare you for a variety of careers working with people as consumers, family members and individuals.  With our committed team of faculty and staff, all students are given personal attention and graduate with the education and experience necessary to succeed in their chosen paths.


Apparel Merchandising & Product Development (AMPD)

Our AMPD program qualifies students for many career options in the fashion industry. Graduates pursue careers as designers, buyers, product developers and more. Many students take advantage of the international and domestic study tours for AMPD majors. 

Birth Through Kindergarten (BRKD)

Are you interested in a career working with children? In addition to being prepared for careers at child centers, our BRKD majors earn an Arkansas State license to teach Birth-Kindergarten/Special Education classrooms. 

Food, Nutrition and Health (FNAH)

Are you interested on the impact of food and nutrition on overall health? FNAH was designed for students interested in careers in public health and wellness with desired career path alternatives to becoming a registered dietitian.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Managemet was designed to create well-rounded graduates ready to combine people skills with business and creativity. This program prepares graduates for careers in lodging, entertainment and event management industries. 

Human Development & Family Sciences (HDFS)

Do you like working with people? Our HDFS program prepares students for careers working with people of all ages, from infants to seniors. Graduates often pursue careers in public service fields, like counseling, hospice care, community education, child welfare and more. 

Human Nutrition & Dietetics (HNAD)

Give back to your community's health by becoming a registered dietitian. HNAD is accredited by the Accreditation for Education and Dietetics of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Once students pass, they can use their RD title to pursue careers in sports nutrition, corporate wellness, private practice and more.