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Timothy Scott Killian

Timothy Scott Killian

Associate Professor

Assistant Director

(DREX)-Director Experiment Station

(HES)-School of Human Environmental Sciences

Phone: 479-575-7214

Fax: (479) 575-7171

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Research Interests: Aging with a particular interest in aging in families, in rural areas, and supports for aging-in-place. Recent research projects address geographic variabilities in aging trends and socio-emotional well-being of older persons interacting in Second Life, an immersive three-dimensional virtual environment.


Close Relationships in Families

              Research Methods

              Family Relations

              Adolescence and Young Adulthood

HESC 1403 Lifespan Development ~ this is an undergraduate course wherein students examine physical, cognitive, and emotional development throughout the entire life course.


HESC 2463 Analytical Approaches to Research in HDFS II ~ this undergraduate course focuses on statistical methods used in human sciences research. Students gain the ability to understand and interpret statistical information and to conduct basic analyses.


HESC 3423 Adolescent Development ~ this undergraduate course focuses on developmental processes that begin with puberty and extend throughout the transition to adulthood.


HESC 5403 Family Theories and Methods ~ this graduate level course focuses on family theories and research methods used to study families. Emphases are on family diversity within and across cultures.


HESC 5423 Theories of Human Development ~ this graduate level course focuses on development across the lifespan. Classic and emerging theories are examined and students gain insight into the role of theory in research.

2001              Doctor of Philosophy

University of Missouri ~ Columbia

Dissertation: Normative Obligations to Provide Assistance to Older Persons

Advisor: Lawrence H. Ganong, Ph.D.

1995               Master of Arts

                                    Educational Ministries

Wheaton College

                                    Advisor: Carla Waterman, Ph.D.

1992               Bachelor of Arts

Biblical Studies

Central Bible College

Refereed Journal Articles

Killian, T., Moon, Z., McNeill, C., Garrison, B., & Moxley, S. (in press). Older Adults: Emergency Preparedness of Persons Over 50 Years Old: Further Results from the Health and Retirement Study. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness.

Duncan, J., Lucier-Greer, M., & Killian, T. S. (in press). Leisure, relatedness, and ill-being among older adults in long-term care. Activities, Adaptation, and Aging.

O’Connor, M. L., Fuller-Iglesias, H., Bishop, A. J., Killian, T. S., Doll, G., Margrett, J., & Pearson-Scott, J. (2016). Engaging graduate-level distance learners in research: A collaborative investigation of rural aging. Gerontology and Geriatrics Education, 37(1), 29-42.

Buron, W., & Killian, T. S. (2014). Promoting personhood in men in nursing homes: The role of activity directors. Annals of Long-Term Care, 22(3), 10-25.

Killian, T. S., & Turner, M. J. (2014). Latent class typologies for emotional support among midlife and aging Americans: Evidence from the National Health and Human Nutrition Examination Study (NHANES). Journal of Adult Development, 31, 96-105.

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Weintraub, A. P. C., & Killian, T. S. (2009). Physical well-being of adults in day services: The perceived impact of intergenerational programming. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 7(4), 355-370.

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Turner, M. J., Killian, T. S., & Cain, R. (2004). Lifecourse transitions and depression among women in midlife. International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 58, 241 – 265.

Killian, T. S., & Ganong, L., H. (2002). Ideology, context, and obligations to assist older persons. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 64, 1080 – 1088.

Pike, G. R., & Killian, T. S. (2001). Reported gains in student learning: Do disciplines make a difference? Research in Higher Education, 42, 429 - 454.

Coleman, M., Ganong, L., Killian, T. S., & McDaniel, A. K. (1999).  Child support obligations: Attitudes and rationale. Journal of Family Issues, 20(1), 46-68.

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Coleman, M., Ganong, L., Killian, T. S., & McDaniel, A. K. (1998).  Mom’s house? Dad’s house? Attitudes toward physical custody changes. Families in Society, 79, 112-122.

Ganong, L. H., Coleman, M., McDaniel, A. K., & Killian, T. S. (1998).  Attitudes regarding obligations to assist an elderly parent or stepparent after later-life remarriage. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 60, 595-610.

Ad-hoc Reviewer

                              Journal of Marriage and Families, Family Relations, Educational Gerontology, Health Behavior, The Gerontologist, International Journal of Human Development

Workshops and Certifications


                 Summer, 2003

                                          Institute for Summer Research

                                          University of Michigan

                                          Completed One-Week Workshop

                                          Examining the Health and Retirement Study


                 Summer, 2013

                                          Certified Quality Matters Course Reviewer

GRANTS (Funded)


2005. Assistance that Older Persons Received from Adult Children: Longitudinal Differences Across the Rural Continuum. United States Department of Agriculture, National Research Initiative. 3 Years. $252,000.