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Apparel Merchandising & Product Development (AMPD)

  • Dr. Laurie Apple ( Research Interests: Focused on production based technology. It includes functional design, new sizing specifications for the apparel industry and body image/body satisfaction using 3D body scanning technology. The use of body scanning technology for apparel production directly impacts the standards of the apparel industry. 3-D body scanning examines of the overall human condition including body image and body mass and its effect on individuals and family well-being. Functional design is essential for performance aspects of apparel. 3D Body Scanning Technology for Apparel Fit; 3D Body Scanning Technology for Body Image and Satisfaction Among Junior High and High School Students; 3D Body Scanning Technology for Effective Assessment of Students participating in Nutritional Programs
  • Lance Cheramie ( Research Interests: Sustainability issues and policies in the apparel and textile industry; Public Policy- Corporate social responsibility, sustainability issues and policies in the apparel and textile industry. Merchandising- Apparel industry retail organizations and supply chain management. Consumer Behavior- Symbolic attributes of apparel related products; the sociological and psychological aspects of fashion, decoration, and image; and services marketing
  • Dr. Eunjoo Cho ( Research Interests:  Successful branding and marketing strategy capturing consumer psychology, expading the entrepreneurial ecosystem to enrich rural community well-being, and impact of firms' social responsibility programs on consumers' perception and consumption.
  • Stephanie Hubert (  Research Interests: Using product development technology, including 3D body scanning technology as well as design and patternmaking software, in the apparel production process to create designs for customers with specific needs not necessarily met by the current ready to wear market. Customers include, but are not limited to, pageant contestants, dancers and customers with unique physical attributes. 
  • Dr. Lona Robertson ( Research Interests: Tourism, consumer shopping behaviors, shopping interests and the impact of obesity on body image
  • Dr. Kathy Smith (
    Research Interests: The use of technology, both hardware and software, in merchandising and product development within the apparel industry. Areas of focus include social media and production based technology. Production Based Technology Including Aesthetics, Design, Product Development. Merchandising and Social Media Technology. Pedagogy in Higher Education Curriculum 
  • Dr. Leigh Southward ( Research Interests: Made in USA, faculty dress, pedagogy

Human Development & Family Sciences (HDFS)

  • Mardi Crandall ( Research Interests: Childhood obesity in context of center care and family life; infant attachment and best practice in context of center care and effective teaching practices in higher education.
  • Dr. Mary Elizabeth Garrison ( Research Interests: Family resilience including disasters and health; and transition to college.
  • Dr. Laura Herold (  Research Interests: Developmental outcomes in birth through kindergarten, particularly in the area of language and literacy; the impact of poverty on early knowledge development and longitudinal outcomes; improving the educational and social outcomes of at-risk preschoolers; early childhood education policy and curriculum; teacher-child and parent-child interactions; early childhood teacher professional development and training; children’s literature; children’s reading preferences.
  • Dr. Jennifer Henk ( Research Interests: Examination of context for shaping developmental outcomes in very young children; investigation of early childhood education environment (e.g., quality in early childhood programs, early childhood curriculum, professional development of teachers), parent-child interaction (e.g., dyadic mutuality, attachment, home environment), and the broader social context (e.g., social and educational policies, neighborhood characteristics); also interested in child characteristics (e.g., temperament, self-regulation), and how they affect the context, as well as the interaction of multiple influences for child outcomes, such as obesity and social competence.
  • Dr. Timothy Killian ( Research Interests: Aging with a particular interest in aging in families, in rural areas, and supports for aging-in-place. Recent research projects address geographic variabilities in aging trends and socio-emotional well-being of older persons interacting in Second Life, an immersive three-dimensional virtual environment.
  • Dr. Zola Moon ( Research Interests:Applied and problem oriented research; active in the areas of socio-environment interactions, sustainable community development, migration, demography, spatial analysis, rural health and aging, and social science qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Dr. Jacquelyn Wiersma (  Research Interests: How alcohol affects adolescent and young adult romantic relationships. Focus on the congruency versus discrepancy in drinking patterns and how this affects couples’ satisfaction, commitment, alcohol-related problems, alcohol abuse, and intimate partner violence (IPV) in dating, cohabitating, and married romantic relationships. Also interested in the various avenues in which romantic relationships, alcohol use, and IPV are related in adolescents and young adults through the processes of selection and socialization. Future plans include examining adolescent drinking partnerships and IPV, how daily drinking may lead to more conflict with romantic partners, and the overall relationship experiences of heavy drinkers versus non-heavy drinkers. Involved in several projects that examine the effects of alcohol on consent issues in sexual assault experiences, as well as bystander interventions.


Human Nutrition & Hospitality Innovation (HNHI)

  • Mechelle Bailey ( Research Interests: Pediatric nutrition focusing on children with special health care needs, metabolic/genetics needs and neonatal intensive care units.
  • Dr. Jae Kyeom Kim (
  • Dr. Kelly Way ( Research Interests: Consumer behavior, tourism, festivals, marketing and branding.
  • Dr. Sabrina Trudo (

    Research Interests: Plant foods and cancer prevention including dietary modulation of biotransformation enzymes and carcinogen metabolism, development of dietary biomarkers, gene – diet interactions: both nutrigenomic (animal models) and nutrigenetic (in humans), diet effects on colonic miRNA expression, cancer stem cells, and comparison of the effects from intact vegetable feeding versus their purified putative chemopreventive compounds.  Obesity Research: Role of bioactive plant compounds in decreasing obesity-mediated cancer risk, role of plant foods and their constituents in childhood obesity prevention, and virtual reality as a means to prevent childhood obesity.