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Lobat Siahmakoun

Lobat Siahmakoun


Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences

(THES)-AFLS-Human Environ Science

Phone: 479-575-4700

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I was born in South Iran, directly at Persian Gulf in a city called Abadan. I am the only girl and the youngest after six boys.                     

After middle school we went to Tehran the capital city. After high school I went to Germany and lived there seventeen years.                                                      

I finished a two year tourism college and owned a restaurant in Germany for about ten years.    

I came to United States ten years ago and started my education at NWAC and finished my associate of science in 2008.                                     

I went to Missouri Southern State University for my undergrad in Health Science and General Business, parallel to my

bachelors I finished also school of Surgical Technology in Springdale / AR. I worked at Washington Regional Hospital

in Radiology department for one year. I decided to follow my passion and started my masters at the University of Arkansas

focusing on Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation.


My research interests are in the area of food & beverages

  • Food and Beverages in General
  • Alternative Fried Food
  • Food Sustainability Issues
  • Cultural Impact of Food Choices

Menu Psychology and Layout

Different aspects of Hospitality especially the service learning and hands on courses!

HOSP 3603 - Food Preparation & Menu Layout Lecture

HOSP 3601L - Food Preparation and Menu Layout Lab

HOSP 4693 - Hospitality Management Internship

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, May 2015

Master of Science (M.S.) in Food, Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation (Emphasis in Hospitality and Restaurant Management) Thesis Topic: “Preferences and nutrient composition: the impact of flour types on battered fried food.”


Missouri Southern State University, Joplin, MO, May 2012

Major: Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Minor: General Business


Northwest Arkansas Community College, Bentonville, AR, May 2008

Associate Degree in Science


School of Tourism, Siegen, Germany, 1994

Tourism Specialist

Siahmakoun, L., Combs, R. M. & Ogbeide, G. C. (2015, January 7-10) The Level of Energy Dense Food Consumption on Weight Gain. Refereed paper presented at Graduate Conference, Tampa, FL.


Combs, R. M., Siahmakoun, L. & Ogbeide, G.C. (2015, January 7-10) Consumers’ Motivation to Patronize Sustainable Food Products and Operations. Refereed paper presented at Graduate Conference, Tampa, FL.


Ogbeide, G. C. Siahmakoun, L. & Muniz R. (2014). A Historic Hotel Strategic Management Approach for Revenue Maximization Case Study. Presented at the I-Chrie Johnson & Wales Case Study Competition 2014.


Ogbeide, G. C. & Siahmakoun, L. (2014, January 3-5). The Impact of Eating Behavior on Body Mass Index (BMI). Refereed poster presented at the Graduate Conference, Houston, TX.


Siahmakoun, L., Harrington, R. J. & Powell, F. A. (2014, March 10). Alternative Fried Food Preparation (Substitution of Rice Flour for Wheat Flour in Battering System of Different Proteins). On-going study.

Harrington, R.J., Siahmakoun, L. & Barber, N. (2014, June 4-6). Is a Sequential, Profiling Approach Useful for Predicting Match Perceptions in Food and Wine? Refereed paper, 2014 Enometrics Conference, Lyon, France.


Harrington, R.J. & Siahmakoun, L. (2014, June 22-25). Which Wine and Food Elements Drive High and Low Levels of Perceived Match? Refereed paper, 8th Annual Conference for the American Association of Wine Economists, Walla Walla, WA


Harrington, R.J., Siahmakoun, L., Hammond, R.K. & Powell, F.A. (2014, July). Does Objective or Subjective Knowledge Impact liking Level and Expected Price of Sparkling Wine? Refereed paper, 2014 ICHRIE Conference, San Diego, CA.

2014: Class Act: A fundraising event for University of Arkansas hospitality program (3-day event), held leadership role by guiding and supervising students, managed the Anti- Griddle station at the gala night, developed and tested culinary products using the Anti-Griddle technology (i.e. Frozen Concoction, which included blue cheese foam, port jelly, walnuts, flavored caviars, and frozen grapes).

2013: Big Night Gala: A fundraising event, leadership role. Lead in the production of sweet treats for 450 guests at the event; continued leadership by serving guests and working with General Mills representatives (raised over $200,000).

1998 -2004: Restaurant Owner (Germany): Head of the kitchen, responsible for smooth operation and administration of the restaurant; conducted interviews for prospective employees, facilitated orientation for new employees; implemented, and evaluated, procedures, standards, goals and objectives related to food safety, quality and customer service.

2013: Services beyond academic community supervised and facilitated:

  • Lights of the Ozark (8000 people and families attended)
  • Theater Squared (Food service, plated dinner)
  • Taste of Africa (Food service and catering)

2014 & 2015: Outstanding Graduate Student Award: School of Human Environmental Sciences, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.


2014 & 2015: Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.


2007: NWA Community College Ambassador and Activity Board Outstanding Leadership Award for dedication to succeed in Higher Education.