Data and Reports

As part of our strategic plan, HESC has been collecting data on the current DEI climate within our school (survey data below, recent data to come soon), as well as examining the growth of our faculty and staff via Intercultural Competence Development assessments and bias training. 

DEI Awards:

These awards has been developed to recognize and celebrate HESC senior students and faculty who take the time and effort to be introspective and actively transform efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Nine faculty received DEI Honor Roll for 2020:

  • Jennifer Becnel (HDFS)
  • Stephanie Hubert (AMPD)
  • Laura Herold (HDFS)
  • Jackie Mosley (HDFS)
  • Eunjoo Cho (AMPD)
  • Leigh Southward (AMPD)
  • Sabrina Trudo (NUTR)
  • Donia Timby (HDFS)
  • Betsy Garrison (HDFS)

12 Students received DEI Honor Roll for 2020 (both Spring and Fall graduation):

  • Megan Arroyos (AMPD)
  • Lois Brooke (HDFS)
  • Hannah Banker (HDFS)
  • Dominque Horn (HDFS)
  • Marissa Lavin (HDFS)
  • Rachel Burger (HDFS)
  • Kelsey Cubias (HDFS)
  • Maya Gilliam (HDFS)
  • Katie Lanier (HDFS)
  • Laura Reyes (HDFS)
  • Anastasia Stanowick (HDFS)
  • Kali Weber (HDFS

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Data

In 2017, HESC faculty, staff and graduate students participated in the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and training workshop led by Dr. Leslie Edgar.

  • On average, the IDI was 98.69, falling within Minimization, which is focusing on similarities and “color-blindness”.
  • Approximately 21% of HESC was in Acceptance or Adaptation.

For the next two years, HESC implemented DEI trainings/workshops on cultural competence, microaggressions and other topics.

  • In 2019, HESC faculty, staff and graduate students were again assessed in their IDI by Brande Flack, Director of Retention Programs for the U of A Center for Multicultural and Diveristy Education, and it grew significantly to 113.82 (high Minimization) with over 50% of HESC in Acceptance or Adaptation.
  • Faculty and staff stated the DEI trainings were indeed helpful in their cultural competence growth, as well as implementing these ideas, conversations and other DEI topics into their teaching curriculum.

HESC was assessed in the 3rd wave of IDI testing in March 2021 as Bumpers College trained all faculty and staff in cultural competence. Adrain Smith, Program Specialist for the U of A Center for Multicultural and Diveristy Education, led the 2021 trainings.