Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Courses


If you have questions about adding a course to your degree plan, please contact your academic advisor.  

HDFS 2493. Introduction to Cultural Competence. 3 Hours. 

Basic introduction to definitions of intercultural competence, diversity, cultural values and beliefs, attitudes and verbal and non-verbal behavior, are examined to identify basic differences among individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and across populations. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) 

HDFS 2603. Rural Families and Communities. 3 Hours. 

Meaning of sociology and sociological concepts with reference to rural society, families and communities; interdependence of rural and urban population in ecological areas; institutions; social change and adjustment. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring) 

HDFS 3443. Families in Crisis. 3 Hours. 

An interdisciplinary perspective on internal and external crises faced by contemporary families, including substance abuse, natural disasters and other crisis events. Students will explore the family processes during such experiences and develop strategies for stress management, coping, and recovery. Lecture 3 hours per week. (Typically offered: Fall) 

 HDFS 4473. Multicultural Families. 3 Hours. 

The course provides students with opportunities to gain awareness of their own cultures and families, reflect on families from a diverse array of cultures, and develop critical thinking skills needed to effectively engage with people and families from cultures different than their own. Prerequisite: HDFS 2493 (Typically offered: Fall) 

NUTR 4303. Cultural Perspectives on Foods. 3 Hours. 

Cultural competence is growing in importance as our population becomes more culturally diverse. This course covers cuisine and culture of various regions for the purpose of promoting respect and understanding for cultural diversity. Students will learn the history of foods, ingredients, flavor profiles, religious based food practices, etiquette, and customs. Corequisite: Junior or senior standing, and (Human Nutrition and Dietetics majors (HNADBS) or Food, Nutrition and Health majors (FNAHBS) or Hospitality Management (HOSPBS) majors). (Typically offered: Spring)