Lifespan and Family Sciences

 Shadows of the lifespan

Career Opportunities

Perhaps the most often asked question by HDFS students is "What type of a job can I get with a major in Human Development an Family Studies?" The number of job possibilities is diverse, although many jobs are not advertised specifically for applicants with degrees in Human Development and Family Studies. The following are areas where HDFS students have found employment:

  •  Adoption and Foster Care Family Planning Centers
  • Adult Day Care Centers and Long-term Care Facilities Guardian Ad Litems..(Child Advocacy & Support)
  • Alcohol and Drug Treatment Headstart & Homestart Programs
  • Centers Hospice Care
  • Career Advisors Hospitals (Family Life Education)
  • Caseworkers and Human Service Specialists Human Resources
  • Child Care and Pre-school Programs Meals on Wheels
  • Child Development Specialists Parent Education Programs
  • Child Life Specialists Religious Social Services
  • Child Welfare Counselors Recreational Program Development
  • Crisis Centers Residential Care Centers
  • Continuing Education Senior Citizens Centers
  • Community Education Social Services
  • Employee Assistance Programs Training & Development
  • Extension Services Volunteer Coordination
  • Family Crisis Centers Work-Family Life Coordination
  • Family Health Workers Youth Development Programs
  • Family Life Education Youth Corrections


Internships are an exciting experience for students in Human Development, Family Sciences and Rural Sociology. Generally completed between the junior and senior year of the undergraduate program, the internship acquaints students with real-world opportunities in their field. A faculty member serves as a coordinator for the 180 hour experience, helping to identify opportunities, teach the basics of getting a job, and acting as advocate during the summer.

Examples of past internships include working in:

  • a church youth program,
  • a crisis center,
  • a battered women's shelter,
  • an urban hospital,
  • a day care center, and
  • a youth development program.